What lies beneath…

I’ve been a bit rubbish at posting recently so this is just a short one. I have about 3 partially written blogs to get on with but I’m very aware that all my recent posts have been a bit depressing so it’s taking time to get the balance right. Kind of like…

The ecg from the top right is from Friday evening. She had such a nice day Friday at soft play but her heart beat was clearly all over the place. The scariest thing is that you’d just never know. The first physical sign would be Isla ‘fainting’ or having a cardiac arrest. This is why I don’t trust her!!!

After that I increased all her doses of Mexiletine.

The ecg on the bottom right is her ecg today. Can you tell the difference!? 🙈 Problem is she’s now entering seizure territory so I’ve had to split the difference and go for a dose somewhere in between.

This is why I have to do what I do. I’m so grateful to be able to do her ecgs at home so we’re not constantly at hospital but it does fry my brain a bit. Although I have emailed Isla’s consultant and told him about the changes I’ve made, it’s still the changes I’ve made. C’est la vie.

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